Radeon HD 5750 & HD 5450 Graphics Cards

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BIOS - Asus EAH5750 Formula

Some of the card's inner workings can be revealed by taking a look at the BIOS. We used GPU-Z to extract the board's BIOS and Radeon BIOS Editor to examine its contents.

Clock settings. Boot/3D setting in red, idle in green, UVD in yellow.

Clock speeds of 750/1150MHz in 3D, 157/1000MHz idle, and 400/900MHz when UVD is at work were confirmed using GPU-Z.

Fan settings.

According to the BIOS, the stock fan's speed rises slowly, running at 30% until the core temperature reaches 45°C and then increases linearly until 109°C when it reaches its maximum speed.

BIOS - ATI Radeon HD 5450

Clock settings. Boot/3D/UVD setting in red, idle in green.

The 5450 uses clock speeds of 650/900MHz in 3D and when UVD was activated. It idles at 157/200Mhz.

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