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Note that retail versions of the HD 5450 may not utilize the same cooler as our reference sample. In fact, none of the initial HD 5450's found in the wild so far have the big red heatsink pictured below. Manufacturers also have the option to alter the connectors and tweak core and memory speeds; be aware of this when shopping for a 5450.

Our 5450 sample has a surprisingly large, stylized crimson red heatsink.

The PCB is only 16.8cm long. Though the reference sample has a passive cooler, there is a fan header located on the right hand side.

The heatsink has thick, broad fins with plenty of curves --- an aesthetic choice, not a functional one. At least it looks impressive.

A padded backplate with four screws secures the heatsink to the card. The mounting holes form a 43mm square; this is the same layout found on the old HD 2600/2400 and GeForce 8600/8500 series.

A thin thermal pad transfers heat form the GPU core to the heatsink. The card has Samsung 1.1ns memory chips, good for 909MHz.

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