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Note that retail versions of the HD 5570 may not utilize the same cooler as our reference sample. Manufacturers also have the option to alter the connectors and tweak core and memory speeds; be aware of this when shopping for a 5570.

Our 5570 sample has a small, low profile heatsink and a 46mm diameter fan.

The HD 5570 PCB is the same length as 5450: only 16.8cm. The cooling fan has 7 blades and have very little curvature.

The heatsink is comprised of copper with fins running down the card's length. A black plastic cover directs exhaust air toward the rear of the card.

The 5570 has the same mount holes and backplate as the 5450. It also has 1.1ns GDDR3 memory chips.

Underneath the heatsink we find that the chip package is rotated and the thermal interface material is softer like third party goop.

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