Wireless mouse-in Keyboards from Enermax and Moneual

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A look at the underside shows the contouring which enables the two-handed grip. Both keyboards have broad raised ridges along the sides which allow the fingers to grip beneath. The moneual's more rounded contours are a bit more comfortable.

In normal use, these keyboards, sit in your lap, fingers underneath the sides near the top, with thumbs to operate the mouse buttons on the left and the rollerball on the right. The full keyboard is available when needed.

The underside is also where both keyboards have an extra control or two: The Enermax has an on/off power switch and a reset button. The Moneual has a single connect button. The reset and connect buttons accomplish the same task: Establish communication via their respective USB radio dongles. Although the two keyboards and their USB radio dongles operate at the same frequency, they are not interchangeable; each has a unique ID that communicates only with its own radio dongle.

The Enermax (top) has a power switch as well as a reset button and uses AAA batteries; the MonCaso only has a connect button and uses slightly bigger AA batteries.

The MonCaso USB radio is much bigger; it comes with a short extender which helps avoid the tight jam when many closely-set USB ports are all filled. The Enermax has no need for such an extender, as it is small enough to fit in almost any stack of USB ports. Both have a tiny reset or connect button for initiating communication with the keyboard.

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