Zalman CNPS10X Flex CPU Cooler

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The heatsink features five "U" shaped copper heatpipes in staggered array and 53 fins. It is designed to be cooled by either one or two 120mm fans.

The Flex has a distinct black band of anodized fins at the center, making it easily recognizable. The fins are 0.40mm thick and spaced 1.50mm apart on average, very tight for a CPU heatsink.

A black plastic cover resides on the top of the cooler. The two main surfaces are dissimilar, one being noticeably wavy while the other is more flat. Pictures on Zalman's product page show a single fan mounted on the wavy side, but nothing in the literature suggests that one side is superior to the other.

Zalman also provides black rubber isolation strips for the fan(s), following in the footsteps of Noctua and Thermalright. It's obvious they've placed an emphasis on keeping the fan from being flush with the main heatsink body.

The Flex is a more plain heatsink compared to the Extreme, lacking the nickel plating on the fins, heatpipes and base.

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