Zalman CNPS10X Flex CPU Cooler

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The most critical aspect of installation is for the heatsink to be securely mounted. The more firmly it is installed, the better the contact between the heatsink's base and the CPU itself. It's also less likely to fall off. Ease of installation is also important — a simple mounting scheme means less time spent installing, and a reduced likelihood of screwing up.

The Flex features a hard mounting system which is compatible with all of AMD and Intel's current sockets. To prep the backplate, four nuts are inserted into the appropriate holes, and plastic covers are slipped over them to lock them into place.

A piece of double-sided tape is used immobilize the backplate during mounting.

The four screws holding the mounting plate to the base are loosened so a pair of mounting clips can be slipped in and secured. Note that for AMD installation, the clips run parallel with the fan(s), so the Flex will be in the 'proper' orientation, blowing toward the I/O shield.

The mount is finished using four bolts on the topside, resulting in a solid mating.

Installed on our Asus P6T SE motherboard with our reference Nexus 120mm fan.

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