Lenovo ThinkCentre A70Z & Asus EeeTop ET2203 All-In-One PCs

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PHYSICAL DETAILS: Lenovo ThinkCentre A70Z

The A70Z is about 3" deep due to the use of desktop hardware and is held up by a simple metal stand.

The left side of the machine houses a slim DVD writer. Our sample shipped with a Sony/NEC 8x burner.

The system can be pushed down up to 35° from perpendicular..

Located on the left side are buttons to adjust screen brightness, line-out and mic ports, and three USB connectors. The left USB port pictured above is occupied by the wireless radio for the keyboard/mouse, which incidentally, we found well-hidden in a compartment inside the mouse.

There are RJ45 and COM ports at the back as well as an additional three USB ports. The A70Z has a built-in power supply, so there's no power brick; all you need is a standard PC power cable.

There are large vents at the bottom for intake and similar ones at the top for exhaust.

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