Scythe Setsugen GPU Cooler

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The Setsugen is composed of four copper heatpipes and a set of 67 friction-fit aluminum fins and bears a mild resemblance to the Accelero S1, though its a much shorter cooler and its fins are more densely packed. It measures 7.1" long and weighs in at 360 grams according to our digital scale.

The fan is a slim Slip Stream 120mm model with a rated speed of 2000rpm. It is secured to the center of the heatsink using a pair of wire clips.

The clearance between the fan and the base is very small. As a result when it is mounted, the fan's intake path will be somewhat impeded.

Like Scythe's Mugen-2 CPU cooler there are a series of slits in the fin mass which help air pass through more easily.

On average, the fins are 0.30mm thick and 1.55mm apart.

Like most Scythe heatsinks, its base is flat and the nickel-plating gives off a nice shine.

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