Inwin Maelstrom: An Affordable Gaming Case

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The Maelstrom is a large, tall case, measuring 21.6" high. As the case is mainly composed of 0.8mm~1.0mm steel construction, it's also fairly heavy, weighing in at close to 27lb.

The front bezel is dominated by large grills which act as external drive bay covers. There is a single 12cm fan pre-installed at the bottom.

The rear is also heavily ventilated with square holes punched to the side and underneath the expansion slots. Even the slot covers allow air to pass through as they are mainly mesh. There are four holes above the power supply for tubing or external wiring.

The right side panel is completely solid, but the left side panel has an extremely large honeycomb grill with rubber grommets attached for a 22cm fan as well as six optional 12cm fans if you prefer. The big fan has blue LEDs which can be turned off/on using a small switch off to the side — this seems to be clash with the case's color scheme.

The case has one 12cm at the rear, another one at the top with the option for one more. There are line-out, mic, four USB, one FireWire, and two eSATA ports near the front. The power and reset buttons require a good amount of force to engage them so they are unlikely to be activated by accident.

The case feet are fairly standard and can be swung out if desired. Another vent is located near the rear, acting as an intake for the power supply.

The side panels measure 1.1mm thick and have a rough gritty feel to them. The left panel and the bottom of the right panel are lined with foam, though it's rather useless given how many holes have been punched into the case.

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