Inwin Maelstrom: An Affordable Gaming Case

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The case is fairly wide as it supports EATX motherboards. It has 8 expansion slots and room for 5 x 5.25" and 6 x 3.5" drives.

The interior has a fairly standard layout with the spot for the power supply at the bottom/rear and a side-mounting hard drive cage at the bottom/front. There is some separation between the expansion slots and the power supply, so extra long video cards installed in the top PCI-E 16x slot will not run into the hard drive cage.

One nifty feature is the hole behind the CPU socket area for easy installation of third party heatsinks that require access to the rear of the board. On the other hand, no thought has been given to cable management; the hooks and holes common on enthusiastic cases are nonexistent on the Maelstrom.

Four plastic knobs elevate the power supply to give it extra breathing room.

The pre-installed 12cm fans have 3-pin connectors are mounted with regular screws. The fan grills are raised slightly so fans do not lay flush against the case.

The cables for the LEDs, switches, and top ports are located at the top of the case. Just below sits a 5.25" to 3.5" external drive converter.

The front bezel can be removed simply by pulling at the bottom, but it requires a scary amount of force to do so. All the front covers can be removed for dust cleanup.

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