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August 12, 2003 by Carl Bohne

Summary: Part one of a 3-part article about the theory, construction, and misc. aspects of an Antec Lanboy, complete with an intake muffler/filter, an exhaust muffler box, an aluminum duct to the Alpha heatsink on a P4-2.66. Carl takes his clean air very seriously; SPCR readers will be interested in the details of the air filtration system devised for this Lanboy. -- Mike Chin, Editor.

Carl's Bio: I work as an automotive machinist, and have computer construction for a hobby. I've been modifing various things for better performance for a long time, starting with motorcycles when I was younger. One of my favorite cycles held the AHRA unlimited class 1/4 mile world record for two years. I'm too old for that craziness now, and I've found computer modification to be a fascinating alternative subject....

Since I'm writing this article for SPCR, I should first-off state my take on the subject of quietness. It's different for everyone, and depends on a variety of factors. My sister happens to be an Otolaryngologist (specializing in hearing related problems). So I have been exposed to the importance of reduced noise levels, both at work, and at play, for a long time. And I take what I know about hearing, and the adverse effects of noise, very seriously. That being said... a computer I consider quiet (this Lanboy) might be too loud for someone to be running 24/7 in his bedroom. Then there are other things that matter to me. I am not willing to run my computers hot to achieve quieting. Hot to me is a reading much over 40C. I'm certain that patricular temp is different for everyone. Then there's the subject of filters. I demand my own computers have all intakes covered with good, effective, filters.

So there you have it. I try to build a computer that is quiet, runs cool, and runs clean.... A difficult mix to attain, for sure. Add to that my preference for DIY mods and you come up with the subject of this article, Bluefront's Lanboy.

Part One: A Muffled/Filtered Add-on Intake Box

This Lanboy has one intake, an 80mm rear opening that was enlarged to 92mm by means of a nibbler. I constructed the intake box out of locally attainable parts, mostly from Home Depot. The only expensive part was the actual filter,.a Nissan Xterra in-cabin filter, slightly modified by cutting. I have tried many different types of filters, and this one provides excellent filtration, and was exactly the right size for my application.

The side pieces in the photo are made from a piece of vinal flooring. They come 12"x12"; this one was very stiff, and strong enough to rivet "L" shaped aluminum brackets on the edges. These attach the box to the computer with 5 screws. As you can see, the filter just slides out of the box. You do have to remove the box from the computer however.

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