Bluefront's Lanboy: Muffled, Filtered & Ducted.

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This whole intake box is very difficult to photograph, and difficult to explain. If anyone wants a more detailed explanation, I can provide it. I used some metal brackets from Home Depot, and covered the thing with 4mm acoustic foam from CompUSA.

In order to have a good filter with little restriction, you need to use one that is much larger than the intake opening. There also should be sufficient clearance between the filter and the fan. This setup provides both. Experiments with and without the filter in place, showed no measureable temp difference. Also the intake is from below, which muffles the fan/intake noise quite a bit. At the very top of the box, there is a slanted duct for the PSU. This forces the PSU output upward toward the ceiling, and keeps any noise from reflecting off any back wall.

I'm sure a similar box could be constructed for a number of different it exactly would look is up to you. It wasn't very hard to construct, and it certainly helps in the quieting, and cleans the intake air enough to satisfy my demands.

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Bluefront's Lanboy, Part 3: Acoustically Muffled Case Fan Box

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