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The UL30A measures 32.1 x 23.0cm with an average thickness of 2.4cm not including the feet. The entire machine weighs in at 1.80kg (3.96lb) with the battery weighing 440g alone.

The UL30A.

The main exhaust vent is located on the right side along with VGA and HDMI outputs as well as a single USB port. The majority of the machine is less than one inch (2.54cm) thick but the feet raise it up to 2.8cm at the center and 3.1cm at the thickest point near the hinges.

The left side is home to a 5-in-1 memory card reader, mic and line-out ports, two USB connectors, and the RJ45 and AC jacks.

A pair of moderately-sized speakers resides underneath the lip of the UL30A.

The memory and hard drive are accessible.

The UL30A ships with a long lasting 84Wh battery.

The AC adapter outputs 19V.

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