Silverstone Grandia GD05: A Versatile HTPC Case

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The GD05's front facia is almost the same size as that of the now-classic Antec Fusion or NSK2480. It's a centimeter taller (14cm vs 15cm) but the same 44cm width. Those seeking to match their traditional-look A/V components should find the familar look comforting. The GD05's depth (from front to back) is shorter than the majority of HTPC cases, however, measuring just 32.5cm. The aforementioned Fusion, in contrast, 41.4cm, is nearly 9cm or 3.5" deeper.

This difference is significant: The total volume of the GD05 is about 21.5 liters, compared to 25.8 liters for the Antec Fusion/NSK2480 — or the 31 liters of Silverstone own "full size" HTPC cases such as the GD01 or LC17. In fact, the overall size is close to the 19.2 liters of Antec's much lower profile but considerably deeper Antec NSK1480. Unlike the slim NSK1480, however, the GD05 has the cooling and noise benefit of three 12cm fans; the former case is only tall enough to accommodate 8cm case fans.

The front bezel has the familiar brush aluminum surface for which Silverstone is well known. There are two USB ports, and a pair of front audio ports (line-out and mic).

The left side of the case is home to a single 120 mm fan near the front.

Silverstone doubles up on fans on the opposite side close to the CPU position. Note the relatively shallow 13" depth. This can be very useful to fit into the often-shallow shelves of cabinets made to house typical A/V gear.

The power supply goes on the right side underneath the expansion slots. The slot covers are ventilated and there is a small exhaust port on the top cover as well. There are also a pair of 80 mm fan placements above the I/O shield if the provided 120 mm fans are insufficient.

One side of the front bezel has an odd little twist as if someone had pressed that portion inward. It is deliberate but doesn't appear to have any function. The power supply intake is located on the bottom of the case and is filtered.

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