Silverstone Grandia GD05: A Versatile HTPC Case

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System Configuration:

Measurement and Analysis Tools

  • CPUBurn processor stress software.
  • FurMark stability test to stress the integrated GPU.
  • GPU-Z to monitor GPU temperatures and fan speed.
  • SpeedFan to monitor system temperatures and fan speeds.
  • Seasonic Power Angel AC power meter, used to measure the power consumption of the system.

System temperatures and noise levels were recorded with SpeedFan and GPU-Z at idle and on load using 4 instances of CPUBurn to stress the CPU and FurMark with the Xtreme Burn option to stress the GPU.

Stock Fan Measurements

Silverstone equips the GD05 with three 12 cm sleeve bearing fans made by Globefan: Note the 7 rounded, dimpled blades.
Stock Fan Specifications
Power Rating
3.12 W
Model Number
RL4Z S1202512LIW3M
Airflow Rating
Bearing Type
RPM Rating
1200 RPM
Noise Rating
20 dBA
Frame Size
120x120x25 mm
Header Type
Fan Diameter
111 mm
Starting Voltage
Hub Size
45 mm
150 grams
Data in green cells provided by the manufacturer or observed; data in the blue cells were measured.

Fan Measurements
SPL @1m
Without Filter
With Filter
930 RPM
13~14 dBA
14~15 dBA
710 RPM
11~12 dBA
11~12 dBA
540 RPM
<11 dBA
<11 dBA
Measuring mic positioned 1m at diagonal angle from the intake side of the fan.
Ambient noise level: 11 dBA.

The fans are listed as 1200 RPM models, but the ones in our sample spun under 1000 RPM at 12V. With low fan speeds, sleeve bearings, and little blade curvature, the stock fans are very quiet, close to our anechoic chamber's noise floor at 9V, and under it at 7V (ie, audible from only inches away). All three fans also come with air filters that increase the noise level slightly, but only at full speed, regardless of whether the filter is placed on the intake or exhaust side of the fan. The overall character of the fans is very smooth and unobtrusive.

Baseline Noise

The air cavity resonances inside a case amplify fan noise, as do any vibrations transferred from the fans into the case, so these measurements can be regarded as the baseline SPL levels for the GD05 and stock fans.

Baseline Noise Level
Fan Voltage
all fans (3)
right side fans (2)
24 dBA
21 dBA
18 dBA
16 dBA
14 dBA
12 dBA
Measuring mic positioned 1m at diagonal angle from the front of the top of case (center).

The baseline noise of the GD05 is excellent, quiet with all fans at 9V and below. Even at 12V, the noise generated is modest as the acoustic profile is dominated by turbulence and does not have the unpleasant whiny, droning character of most stock fans.

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