Fractal Design Define R2 ATX Tower Case

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Our Phenom II X4 test configuration was installed without any difficulty. Hard drive installation was a snap, and cables were easily tucked out of the way. All three fans provided were installed using the rubber isolators included in the retail fan boxes. We placed the two 120 mm fans provided in the rear and top front placements and the top 140 mm fan went on the side panel blowing inward.

The front fan holders are attached with four screws, accessible from the front of the case. It's a one piece unit that includes a mesh filter.

The 120 mm fan. Though they are the same model as those that ship with the retail case, the fan isolators are not included.

The 140 mm fan. As the fan has closed corners, the included isolators are very long.

We replaced our sample's broken foot with one of comparable size.

The large holes around the motherboard tray make cable management a breeze. However, the grommets protecting them have a loose fit and can be easily dislodged when passing large cables through them.

When the power comes on the power button is surrounded by a blue ring. The LED the front of the case is thin and won't blind you like some cases.

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