HIS HD Radeon 5870 iCooler V Turbo

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The HIS 5870 Turbo is a dual-slot graphics card with a PCB measuring 10.1" (25.6 cm) long, about half an inch more than the width of a standard ATX motherboard.

The heatsink features a 9-blade 75 mm diameter fan and Modern Warfare 2 decals on the cover.

From the side you can see the heatsink has a large copper base. An independent VRM heatsink is visible on the right side.

The 5870 has a pair of 6-pin power connectors at the very edge of the board rather than on the side. When the power is plugged in, this can increase the card's effective length by up to an inch.

The rear panel is compliant with 3-way Eyefinity, having dual DVI, and single HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. There's also a small exhaust port, but given the cooler's design, its usefulness is questionable.

There are seven screws in total holding the cooler to the card, four on the padded mounting frame around the GPU core and three on the rest of the PCB.

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