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Warning — removing the heatsink from a card generally voids the product's warranty. Do so at your own risk. Note that all testing on the card was performed before the cooler was removed.

Underneath the hood. The heatsink weighs in at about 380 grams.

This is the first high power card we've seen in recent memory without heatpipes as part of the cooler design. The heatsink is comprised of a very large copper sheet and tightly spaced aluminum fins.

On the top side of the heatsink a portion of the fin mass has been cut out to accommodate the fan, and the fins on the each side are closed, forcing air to flow downward and to the side.

Compared to the HD 5850, the 5870's core is further toward the right so our favorite old school GPU cooler, the Accelero S1, fits without interfering with the DVI box cover. A fan is definitely required though, the larger the better. More modern third party heatsinks like the Scythe Musashi/Setsugen are shifted toward the right and fit without issue on most HD 5000 series cards.

Installed in our test system.

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