Lenovo ThinkStation E20: A Quiet Entry-level Workstation

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The ThinkStation E20 comes in fairly sturdy black case with a large handle at the front. It's a microATX tower measuring about 17" tall (2" for the handle) and 7" wide.

The front of the case acts as the system's only intake, with heavy ventilation at the bottom half of the case and surrounding all the drive bays.

The graphics card has one DVI and two DisplayPort connectors. You can also use the VGA and HDMI ports on the motherboard back panel if the E20 is configured without a discrete graphics, as long as it's paired with a Clarkdale processor with integrated GMA HD graphics.

The rear 92 mm fan is secured using rubber fan isolators — a surprising thing to see on any brand name PC.

Case feet.

The identification symbols on the front panel ports light up yellow when the system is turned on, making it easy to differentiate between them.

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