Lenovo ThinkStation E20: A Quiet Entry-level Workstation

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Accessing the internals is a simple matter of removing two thumbscrews and pressing down on the release mechanism on the side panel. The layout inside is typical for a microATX tower with a standard ATX power supply at the top, 2 x 5.25" and 1 x 3.5" external drive bays, 2 hard drive caddies, and 2 x 92 mm case fans.

The E20 is very easy to work in due to its tool-less design with plastic quick-release latches on the drives and expansion slots. The only components that require a screwdriver to remove are the heatsink, power supply, and motherboard.

The intake fan has a plastic shroud over it that diverts some of the air upward and downward toward the hard drives.

The E20 also has an integrated speaker below the front fan. It is a bit underpowered and sounds a little hollow compared to desktop speakers, but fairly good compared to those found in laptops and all-in-one desktops. This is a nice touch as most companies don't equip their systems with external speakers to encourage productivity.

The CPU is cooled with a aluminum heatsink bolted down to the board and a 92 mm fan. The E20 has four memory slots total, two of which were populated in our 4GB configuration.

The graphics card has a small, single-slot cooling solution with a tiny fan.

The power supply is an 80 PLUS Bronze unit with a total output of 280W. It is manufactured by AcBel Polytech, a well-known OEM.

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