D.Vine 5 HTPC Case by Ahanix

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August 12, 2003 by Mike Chin

Product Ahanix D.Vine5 HTPC case
Manufacturer Ahanix
Supplier ExoticPC
Price US$230

The D.Vine5 sample reviewed here has been sponsored by ExoticPC as their prize for Silent PC Review's Summer 2003 Promotional Giveaway. The case has been supplied with two additional extremely quiet Ahanix-SilenX brand 60mm fans (retail value of US$20 for the pair). This case will be carefully repackaged and shipped with the 2 fans to the winner announced on August 21, 2003. (No PSU is included.)

With a name like D.Vine5, expectations naturally get raised. A divine PC case? A PC case meant specifically for use as a Home Theater PC. The number 5 is significant-- it is the 5th version of this case. Presumably, they've made refinements and improvements since V.1. First impressions are significant, and in this case (pun intended), they are, well, impressive.

The often-used PR photo above shows a case that looks nothing like the usual PC. It looks like a piece of audio gear. Not just any ordinary audio gear, but the understated, minimalist lines and natural brushed aluminum preferred by expensive high end audio gear. Very nice.

Here are some other images that reinforce the high end audio first impression:

With some other closely matched audio/video components, it certainly fits in nicely.

One of the front feet, looking for all the world like the bottom of a high end CD player.

The back feet are a bit more ordinary. Note the 60mm holes for the case fans and the opening for a STX12V power supply

The aluminum door trim is supplied as part of the case so any optical drive can be matched.

On the front panel, only the reset button gives the D.Vine5 away.

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