D.Vine 5 HTPC Case by Ahanix

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First, specifications from the manufacturer.

  • Size - W: 430mm H: 135mm D: 452mm (16.9" x 5.3" x 17.8")

  • Front Panel: 8mm Aluminum
  • Top Panel: 1.5mm Aluminum
  • Side Panel: 3.5mm Aluminum
  • Bottom Panel: 4mm Aluminum
  • Cover: 1.5mm Aluminum
  • Color: Silver or Black
  • Options: DVD-ROM, EiOS HDTV Receiver

Please note the dimensions: The D.Vine5 is larger than some of the photos suggest. It is, in fact, very close to a standard size mid-tower case placed on its side. The main difference is in the short dimension (the height here; the width in the case of a mid-tower), which is too narrow for a CD or DVD drive. This shorter height gives the unit its appealing wide and low look.

The CD case gives a sense of scale; the D.Vine5 is larger than first impression.

There is no room for 80mm case fans. Instead, as mentioned earlier, the case has holes for two 60mm back panel case fans behind the CPU area. While the more standard 80mm size has a much wider range of quiet fans that move more air for the same noise as smaller fans, because there are 2 openings for 60mm fans, it's a decent compromise. The total area of a 60mm fan comes to about 4 square inches. One 80mm fan is 7 square inches, so the total area of dual 60mm fans is 1 sq inch larger, but offset by the lower airflow / noise efficiency of 60mm fans.

Normally, the D.Vine5 is supplied with one 60x15mm case fan with 4-pin connectors for direct hookup to the power supply. However, it is not particularly quiet. As a special consideration for SPCR members, ExoticPC have generously supplied two extra fans for this giveaway prize sample. They are Ahanix rebadged fans, rated at just 0.08A. Given previous experience with Ahanix / ExoticPC products, it is probably a safe guess that model could be a Hypro-bearing fan.

At 12VDC, they are virtually inaudible, in the territory of a Panaflo FBA08A12L1A (or 80L -- our reference 80mm quiet fan) running at 7V or less. The down side is that they have low airflow, considerably less than a Panaflo 80L at 7V.

The interior of the case is big enough for most full-ATX motherboards.

There are 7 PCI slots plus a larger opening at the extreme left that is marked for the EiOS HDTV Receiver. This is an add-on accessory that adds HDTV tuner capability into the D.Vine5. The EiOS HDTV Receiver has not been released for sale yet; ExoticPC says it will be within the next 6~8 weeks.

The image above shows the button on the far right side which switches between PC and HDTV mode when the EiOS HDTV tuner module is installed.

The image above is deliberately backlit to show another aspect of the case, the smoked translucent cover for an optional Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) shown behind the display in the first and second photos above of the D.Vine5.

The VFD is packaged with a remote and the ExoticPC SilenX 200W SFX power supply unit for US$129.

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