Fractal Design Array Mini ITX NAS Case

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The Array measures 230 x 223 x 350 mm (H x W x D) or 9.1 x 8.8 x 13.8", and weighs 4.1 kg or 9.0 lb.

The case's single fan is located at the front blowing air through the hard drive cage toward the power supply.

The 140 mm fan is screwed down to a metal frame that is held on by two tiny screws above and two more on the underside. The fan holder only has a small amount of room behind it; air is drawn in from the side vents.

A SFX power supply hangs over the I/O shield at the rear.

The power supply's connectors are as follows: 20+4-pin ATX, 4-pin AUX12V, two chains with 3 x SATA each, and one chain with 1 x SATA and 1 x molex. All the cables are very short, which is probably ideal.

The power supply is an 80 PLUS certified 300W unit manufactured by FSP Group.

The fan holder has a large hole at the bottom for routing the power switch and LED connectors, and there is a removable mesh filter behind the fan.

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