Fractal Design Array Mini ITX NAS Case

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As the Array is meant to house a NAS system, we assembled the test system with the Intel DG45FC, the only mini-ITX board we had at our disposal with more than 3 SATA ports. The processor was a Core 2 Duo E7200 cooled by a Scythe Big Shuriken, one of the best lower profile heatsinks on the market. We loaded it with one, two, and three hard drives.

With the power supply, fan, and hard drive cage removed, the interior is as plain as can be. There are some some screws at the bottom of the case that suggests the floor and side panels can be removed, but there are rivets holding them in place.

The short power cables shouldn't be a bother for most systems, but in our case the AUX12V connector was hidden underneath the CPU cooler so we had to connect it before laying the board down. The case can take CPU heatsinks up to 9 cm in height.

The hard drive cage is about 1.4 mm thick and has silicone grommets to dampen vibration.

The cage is mounted using two screws on each side of the case.

The cage has to be tilted inward into the case but with our setup, it ran into heatpipes of the Shuriken. Even without the heatsink, it may have bumped into the RAM installed in the second DIMM slot. We had to remove the system fan temporarily in order to create enough room to finesse the cage in. Securing the fan holder afterward was difficult without access to the case floor to align the mounting holes at the bottom.

System fully assembled.

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