Corsair Hydro H50 CPU Water Cooler

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Stock Fan Measurements

Stock Fan Specifications
Power Rating
Model Number
Airflow Rating
Bearing Type
RPM Rating
1700 RPM
Noise Rating
Frame Size
120 x 120 x 25 mm
Header Type
4-pin PWM
Fan Blade Diameter
105 mm
Start Voltage
~5.0 V
Hub Size
41 mm
120 g
Data in green cells provided by the manufacturer or observed; data in the blue cells were measured.

The stock fan was a bit of a mystery as it had no identifying markers and no specifications were listed for it on Corsair's website except for the RPM rating. The blades had odd little notches at their bases, and were arrayed in an orthodox manner, very close together at the hub. The blade diameter was also 5~6 mm shorter than most 120 mm fans partly because the fan housing was thicker than the norm.

Odd notches near the hub.

Stock Fan Measurements
SPL @1m
1610 RPM
24 dBA
1310 RPM
18 dBA
1030 RPM
14 dBA
680 RPM
<11 dBA
480 RPM
5V (starting voltage)
330 RPM
Measuring mic positioned 1m at diagonal angle from the intake side of the fan.
Ambient noise level: 11 dBA.

The stock fan was loud and buzzy at full speed and turbulent but smooth at 10V. At 9V, it was quiet but developed a bit of a hum, and at 8V it was completely inaudible. Overall it was an excellent sounding fan relatively free of tonality.

Like many PWM models, it did not respond in a typical manner to voltage control; the speed dropped off rather quickly when undervolted, becoming inaudible at a fairly high voltage. The fan speed changed very gradually between 5V and 8V.

At 9V, the H50 stock fan measured 14 [email protected]

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