Enermax Modu87+ 500W 80Plus Gold

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The finish for the Modu87+ and Pro87+ is glossy black, with gold / yellow contrasts. The gold fan blades look a bit garish, but they'll be invisible inside a case. All the cables, attached and detached, are sleeved.

The black and gold color scheme continues. Wire intake grill for fan, hex-shaped holes on exhaust; this are pretty standard. It is a 139mm diameter fan instead of the more typical 120mm.

The casing is sealed except for the intake and exhaust.

This socket wire clip is the CordGuard in operation.



  • 1 - 24P MainBoard (main ATX) - 55cm
  • 1 - 4P+4P CPU (Aux12V) - 60cm


There are only four modular cables, which is appropriate for the power rating of this model. One of the cables combines two SATA and two standard 4-pin Molex connectors, which is really nice to minimize cables in a minimalist build.

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