Enermax Modu87+ 500W 80Plus Gold

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Components of many colors are on the inside. The blue of the heatsinks and the gold of the fan blades stand out.

The unit is encased in the usual dual-U clamshell casing.

Wiring and layout are quite tidy. Note the two vertical sub-PCBs where the conversion from 12V to 5V and 3.3V are done.

The number of transformers seems unusually high.

The output cables in the Modu87+ run from the main PCB to the back panel PCB that anchors all the output connectors. It looks sturdily and neatly done. The big primary capacitor is a Rubycon rated for 85°C, but the output caps are all 105°C. My guess is that there's less need for high temperature components because with the high efficiency and relatively modest maximum power, the unit will tend to run cool.

The "139mm" fan looks conventional enough in its basic design: Seven blades, not swept forward that much, with trailing edges parallel to the struts. The latter can cause tonality to arise, but as the fan reputedly spins slowly in normal operation, this may be moot. It is a 3-wire fan, which suggests voltage control with RPM monitoring as part of the feedback loop circuit. The Hall-IC inside the fan has apparently been carefully tweaked to allow the fan to start and run at ultra low speed, which is often not possible except with PWM. A clear plastic baffle masks off a portion of the fan to prevent "short-circuit" airflow in which the air would go directly from intake to exhaust without passing over the hot internal components.

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