Titan Fenrir & Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus: Direct Touch Revisited

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Cooler Master is a PC hardware giant that requires little introduction. The brand has a wide array of cooling solutions, but its heatsinks have generally fared rather poorly in the past in our tests. The Hyper 212 Plus heatsink hopes to reverse this trend, though it seems to be at a disadvantage compared to the Fenrir. Its body is much thinner and the heatpipes aren't as thick, 6 mm vs. 8 mm. The original Hyper 212 has a traditional copper base but looks very similar to the Plus — be careful not to mix up the two.

The box next to an Intel LGA1156 stock cooler.


Cooler Master's packaging is more economical and environmentally friendly than the Fenrir's, though we would prefer if it had no plastic at all. Along with the mounting hardware that accommodates all current AMD and Intel sockets, there are brackets, pads, and screws to mount a second fan. Note that our sample's model number is RR-B10-212P-G1; there is a second version, the RR-B10-212P-GP that uses wire clips to mount the fan, and it does not come with a second set of wire clips.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief Our Comment
Computer aided heatsink design provides fin optimization with perfect balance between high and low speed operation.
4 x Direct Contact heat-pipes for seamless contact between CPU surface and cooler.
Wide-range PWM fan with unique blade design for excellent airflow.
The fan is odd in that its blades are twisted.
Upgradable to dual fans with newly developed "QuickSnap" fan brackets for easy installation. (brackets for 2nd fan included) Nice addition.
Versatile all-in-one mounting solution for Intel Socket LGA775/1156/1366 and AMD Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3. Full socket support.
Silent operation with minimal noise level at 13 dBA.
Presumably at minimum speed.
Excellent airflow design with compact heatsink dimension The Hyper 212 Plus is small for a modern high performance heatsink, weighing just over a pound without the fan.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus: Specifications
(from the product web page)
CPU Socket Intel: LGA1366 / 1156 / 775

AMD: AM3 / AM2+ / AM2

CPU Support
Core™ i7 Extreme / Core™ i7 / Core™ i5 / Core™ i3 / Core™2 Extreme / Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo / Pentium / Celeron

Phenom™ II X4 / Phenom™ II X3 / Phenom™ II X2 / Phenom™ X4 / Phenom™ X3 / Athlon™ II X4 / Athlon™ II X3 / Athlon™ II X2 / Athlon™ X2 / Athlon™ / Sempron™

Dimension 120 x 79.7 x 158.5 mm (L x W x H)
Heat Sink Material Aluminum fin / 4 heat pipes
Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Fan Speed 600 - 2000 R.P.M. (PWM)
Fan Airflow
21.2 - 76.8 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 0.40 - 3.90 mmH2O
Bearing Type
Long life sleeve
Fan Life Expectancy 40,000 hours
Fan Noise Level (dB-A) 13 - 32 dBA
Connector 4-pin

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