Titan Fenrir & Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus: Direct Touch Revisited

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The most critical aspect of installation is for the heatsink to be securely mounted. The more firmly it is installed, the better the contact between the heatsink's base and the CPU itself. It's also less likely to fall off. Ease of installation is also important — a simple mounting scheme means less time spent installing, and a reduced likelihood of screwing up.

Like many large heatsinks, the first step is to attach a backplate on the underside of the motherboard. The LGA1366 backplate has long bolts permanently affixed. The bolts have very short threads at the top for the nuts to screw onto.

The other sockets require you to construct your own bolts using screws and large brass standoffs. The board goes between the black and white washers.

The mounting frame fits over the base plate of the cooler in a "T"-shaped groove. The frame cannot be rotated, so the face of the heatsink points upward on AMD motherboards.

On the mounting frame there is a single elongated hole on each corner used for both LGA1156 and LGA1366 installations . This makes mounting the heatsink a bit difficult as the bolts can bend and move slightly as the nuts are secured. The nuts are capped so you cannot over-tighten them.

We mounted the Fenrir several times trying to get it on as evenly and securely as possible, but it always tightened more on one side that the other. As a result, there was slightly limited contact at one end. The thermal compound footprint also shows that the heatpipes are bigger than they need to be. Note that during testing we added more thermal compound between the pipes to fill the gaps; the above picture just illustrates the mounting problem.

Fully mounted with the stock fan secured. The wire clips have handles at the center, though they would've been more useful at the top and bottom where the tension is greatest.

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