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The N220 measures 26.2 x 18.8 x 2.9~3.7 cm and the entire machine weighs in at 1.34 kilograms (2.95 lb). The battery weighs 330 grams on its own.

The N220 is a snazzy looking machine with a glossy black finish and shiny metallic trim around the lip. The power switch is not a button, but rather a slider on the right side under the lip.

From the back, the battery seems rather thick but only in the vertical dimension — it does not protrude out the back.

The body is actually only 2.7 cm thick if you don't count the feet and battery bulge. Located on the right side are the main exhaust vent, AC power jack, RJ45 connector, audio connectors, and a USB port.

The right side provides access to the 3-in-1 card reader, a pair of USB ports, and a nook for use with a Kensington lock. There's also a VGA output, but dual displays is only possible if the operating system is upgraded. Only a single display is allowed by the Starter edition of Windows 7.

The underside reviews a pair of tiny speakers at the corners just under the lip and the multi-card reader slot closer to the center. There is only one easily accessible panel near the COA sticker for servicing the N220's RAM. Inside is a single slot pre-populated with a 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM.

Our sample shipped with a 66Wh 5900mAh battery and a 19V AC adapter.

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