Scythe Grand Kama Cross CPU Cooler

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The Grand Kama Cross is composed of 4 copper heatpipes, and 72 short aluminum fins. It measures 177 x 140 x 137 mm (W x D x H) and weighs about 610 grams, 750 grams with the stock fan and bolts.

The heatpipes are twisted like a pretzel, with the ends curved to cross over in opposite directions. The fin mass is also strange, cut into a series of short, staggered inclines at the top, tall near the center, and short at the edges. The portion of the fins closest to the heatpipes are angled to send airflow to either side of the CPU.

Though a very wide heatsink, the Grand Kama Cross is only 13.7 cm tall, and the fins are high off the ground so it is unlikely they will interfere with board components/heatsinks.

The fins are 0.38 mm thick and spaced 1.66 mm apart on average. The fan is bolted to a pair of metal "L" brackets attached to the ends of the heatpipes — this may exacerbate vibrational effects from the fan.

The bottom.

The heatpipes are soldered to a flat, nickel-plated copper base with a good degree of polish.

Installed on our LGA1366 motherboard using push-pins. In this orientation, the heatsink does not overhang the motherboard edge and at the back, there is about one inch of clearance to the outside edge of the back panel connectors.

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