Gelid Silent Spirit & Scythe Samurai ZZ CPU Coolers

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Gelid Silent Spirit & Scythe Samurai ZZ

May 31, 2010 by Lawrence Lee

Gelid Silent Spirit
CPU Cooler
Scythe Samurai ZZ
CPU Cooler
Gelid Solutions Scythe Co., Ltd.
Street Price
US$30 US$30~$35

The Gelid Silent Spirit and Scythe Samurai ZZ are a pair of modestly sized top-down CPU coolers with 92 mm fans. Such heatsinks are an appropriate choice for the more common middle of the road processors found in most desktop PCs. They are typically far superior than stock cooling solutions, but do not perform nearly as well as large tower coolers. However, their size is an asset, particularly in cases that are not wide enough to accommodate the plethora of big heatsinks with 120/140 mm fans.

Gelid Silent Spirit

The Gelid Silent Spirit.

Though Gelid is a relatively new name in the business, it was founded by former employees of Arctic Cooling, giving it instant credibility. Given the company's provenance, it's no surprise to see the Silent Spirit's fan has the same style construction as some found on Arctic Cooling Alpine series of heatsinks. As It lacks a tradition box casing, its impeller lays naked, visible from all sides. The four struts bend at the edges forming feet that stand on a ring which is attached to a clip-on frame using soft fan isolators. Great lengths have been taken to prevent the fan from directly touching the heatsink and to dampen vibration. Perhaps most interesting of all, the bulk of the heatsink does not lay flat — it is uplifted a bit to one side so the fan blows slightly off to the side.

Mounting hardware.

The Silent Spirit comes with nothing inside the box aside from the heatsink, a pair of plastic place-holders, and a set of AMD mounting clips. LGA775 clips are pre-installed, and a square of thermal compound is pre-applied to the base. LGA1366 clips are available but must be purchased separately.

Gelid Silent Spirit: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief Our Comment
Quad Sintered Heatpipes Nothing special.
Unique Fin Architecture Of course.
Special Heatsink Angle Design The heatsink's 'tilt' is designed to exhaust air a bit more efficiently than blowing it straight down.
Optimized Air Flow Concept We're still waiting for a heatsink manufacturer to claim their product isn't optimized.
Intelligent PWM Fan Control Curve They claim typical PWM fans speed up linearly with CPU temperature while their fan has a more exponential curve.
Anti-Vibration Fan Mounts Soft-mounted Arctic Cooling style fan.

Gelid Silent Spirit: Specifications
(from the product web page)
*INCLUDED Pre-applied high performance thermal compound
Air Flow (CFM) 45.8 max
Bearing Hydro Dynamic Bearing
Cable Length (mm) 250
Cooling Performance (C/W) 0.17
Current (A) 0.23
Dimensions of Cooler (mm) 108 (l) x 100.5 (w) x 125 (h)
Dimensions of Fan (mm) 100.5 (l) x 100.5 (w) x 45 (h)
Dimensions of Heatsink (mm) 108 (l) x 97 (w) x 88.5 (h)
Fan Speed (RPM) 900 - 2400
Life time MTTF at 40C (h) 50'000
Noise Level (dBA) 10 - 25.8
Voltage (V) 12
Warranty (years) 5
Weight (g) 370

Scythe Samurai ZZ

The Scythe Samurai ZZ.

The Scythe Samurai ZZ takes a more straight forward approach. It's a 3-heatpipe cooler with a straight up-and-down design featuring a 92 mm Slip Stream fan. The fan is mounted in a polar opposite method to the Silent Spirit, with a pair of wire clips that clamp on very tightly — they're actually difficult to take off without pliers. If the two fans are similar noise-wise in free-air, the Scythe would likely be louder given how it's mounted. The Samurai ZZ has an inherent performance advantage though since the fan housing helps generate pressure by directing airflow downward and the fan is closer to the CPU and motherboard PCB since the heatsink isn't angled upward.

Included accessories.

The Samurai ZZ also boasts better compatibility. Its set of three mounting clips allows it to be installed on all current AMD and Intel desktop platforms and even socket 478.

Scythe Samurai ZZ: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief Our Comment
F.P.S. (Fast-Phase Structure)
Larger heatsink base and direct airflow towards lower heatsink block structure to provide a high cooling efficiency with compact heatsink dimensions.
This refers to the smaller heatsink above the base.
Top Mount Fan
By pointing the airflow of the fan towards the motherboard, Chip sets and MOS-FETs on VR modules can be cooled simultaneously.
A simple downblowing cooler.
V.T.M.S. (Versatile Tool-free Multi platform System)
Improved version of Versatile Tool-free Multi platform System allows multi platform installation without any tools on the latest Intel and AMD sockets.
Looks more or less the same as the same system used on the original Samurai Z 4 years ago.

Scythe Samurai ZZ: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Model Name SCSMZ-2000
Manufacturer Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
Attachment VTMS Mounting Clips
Thermal Grease
Compatibility Intel® LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA775, S478
AMD Socket AM3, AM2+, AM2, 940, 939, 754
Dimensions 94 x 122 x 94 mm 3.7 x 4.8 x 3.7 in
Weight 472 g
16.6 oz.
Material: x3 Heat Pipes
Aluminum and Copper
Material of Base Plate Nickel-plated copper

92 x 92 x 25 mm
3.62 x 3.62 x 0.98 in

Speed 300 - 2,500 rpm (regulated via PWM)
Noise Level 7.2 - 31.07 dBA
Air Flow 6.7 - 55.55 CFM
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing

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