Gelid Silent Spirit & Scythe Samurai ZZ CPU Coolers

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Gelid Silent Spirit: PHYSICAL DETAILS

The Silent Spirit features 4 copper heatpipes and 43 aluminum fins. It measures 111 mm high on the short side, 127 mm on the tall side, and weighs approximately 350 grams, 280 grams without the fan.

The Silent Spirit's heatpipes and mass of fins are tilted upward at a 10 degree angle. The fan is suspended more than 1 cm above the surface of the heatsink.

There is a small tertiary heatsink sitting atop the base, a common feature on Scythe heatsinks.

The fins at the very top have 9 pairs of ribs that extend further upward than the rest. On average, the fins are 0.36 mm thick and spaced 1.77 mm apart. The overall mass is quite thin compared to most third party coolers.

From underneath.

The heatpipes are connected to a flat, but rather dull copper base. There is no solder visible connecting the two portions.

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