Gelid Silent Spirit & Scythe Samurai ZZ CPU Coolers

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The most critical aspect of installation is for the heatsink to be securely mounted. The more firmly it is installed, the better the contact between the heatsink's base and the CPU itself. It's also less likely to fall off. Ease of installation is also important — a simple mounting scheme means less time spent installing, and reduced likelihood of user error.

Gelid Silent Spirit:

The mounting clips are attached using a pair of screws, one on each side of the base.

On AMD platforms, the heatpipes run parallel to the expansion slots.

Scythe Samurai ZZ:

Installation on the Samurai ZZ is dead simple as well. The appropriate clips snap into a pair of grooves on each side.

The AMD clips are spring-loaded and have to be engaged on both sides, resulting in a very secure mount. The heatsink overhangs the memory slots on our board if positioned in the opposite orientation to the one pictured above.

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