Bluefront's Lanboy, Part 2: Ducting an Alpha for 90% Passive Cooling

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August 17, 2003 by Carl Bohne

This is the second of a three-part article concerning the design, construction, and misc aspects of "Bluefront's Lanboy". The first part covered the intake muffler and filter. This part describes the very heart of the computer, a solid aluminum duct made out of a Smart Choice Dryer 90 Degree Close Elbow. I purchased the duct at Best Buy for about $6, but I'm certain it could be found at hardware stores, and various other places.

Achieving Passive Cooling - almost

Firstly, since this duct is made of soft aluminum, easily bendable, the heatsink end could be tweaked to fit any number of heatsinks. I'm using an Alpha 8942 heatsink, which is attached to the motherboard by screws and nuts. I personally think this is the best attachment method for a CPU heatsink; it's a strong enough attachment that the duct requires no additional support, no screws, no glue. The duct is held only by tight friction.

I have fitted this duct/heatsink combo on two different cases, an Antec 2600, and an Antec Lanboy. But any case that has a 80, 92, or 120mm opening directly under the PSU opening, could probably be used. Most P4 motherboards have the CPU in a similar location, so I think any number could be used. I'm using an AOpen AX4GE-MAX, (like the one reviewed by MikeC for the SilenTek fan control utility) which has a standard CPU location.

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