Intel LGA1366 Stock Cooler: Good Enough?

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Intel Core i7-980X Stock Cooler: Physical Details

The Core i7-980X stock cooler is short tower heatsink with a large translucent LED fan, four copper heatpipes and a densely-packed array of aluminum fins. It measures 105 x 98 x 124 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 670 grams, 560 grams without the fan.

On average, the fins are only 0.30 mm thick and spaced 1.14 mm apart, the thinnest and tightest array of fins we've ever seen.

The fan has a wingspan of 99 mm and its blades have very little curvature. It is a lot larger than the fin mass with a significant portion of it blowing underneath the bottom fin. Positioning the fan so low can help cool both the CPU and the components around the socket.

The fan is protected by a snap-on grill that is easily removed. There is a switch at the top of the heatsink that toggles the fan's speed between 'P' for performance and 'Q' for quiet.

The fan mounts via a plastic protrusion on the fan hub. It is inserted into the center of the heatsink and screwed in from the top.

The heatpipes are soldered to a flat copper base with a fairly decent polish though some faint machining marks are visible.

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