AMD Phenom II Stock Coolers

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AMD Phenom II AM2+ Stock Cooler: Physical Details

The AMD Phenom II AM2+ stock cooler is composed of two heatpipes, a large copper base, and 59 aluminum fins. It measures 108 x 92 x 62 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 440 grams.

Like all of AMD's coolers, the AM2+ stock heatsink uses a spring-loaded retention clip.

The fins are 0.31 mm thick and spaced 1.03 mm apart on average. The fan is attached via plastic latches.

The fan is imbedded in the heatsink center. Proportionally, the hub is very large with a diameter almost half the length of the fan's 64 mm wingspan.

The base is a large copper plate running down the length of the heatsink. It has a rough, unpolished finish.

Mounted on our test platform.

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