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The Puget Serenity looks no different on the outside than any other in an Antec P183 case. The looks of the case are basically minimalist, with some stylized front vents to ensure excellent airflow even with the front door closed. By today's gaming box standards, it's not particularly big, although it is a bit larger than the generic mid-tower.

The P183 has a low key, minimalist look. It has excellent airflow through the front, even with the door closed, due to generous vents on the sides and front of the door. If this popular case is new to you, please see our review.

With the door is open, it's clear that the entire front becomes an intake. Note the acoustic damping on the inside of the door. The door can be opened 270° and magnets will keep it against the side panel.

The most notable features on the back is the taller-than-usual CP-850 power supply. The slot for the speed switches of the original Antec fans is closed up, as is the top fan vent, with some dark sound damping material.

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