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It's inside where Puget's custom work really shows up, starting with the AcoustiPack acoustic damping that lines much of the interior panels.

Inside, AcoustiPack acoustic damping lines both side covers, the top panel, and the front door. The damping is cut and fitted so that the side panel will close properly against the tight-fitting divider between the upper and lower sections of the case.

This view shows the cooling systems perfectly: In the PSU chamber, the in-line 120mm fan of the CP-0850 power supply cools ont only itself but also provides a steady if modest cooling flow of air across the hard drive and SSD. Driectly above, the 120mm intake fan blows air from the front across both sides of the video card, with the hot air exhausting at least partly through the ventiliated PCI slot covers. Up on top, the CPU heatsink fan and case exhaust fan are lined up almost perfectly, providing push-pull airflow for the heatsink, while still ensuring airflow for other components on the motherboard. The open front vents on the front panel is where the airflow originates.

Here's a good view of the intake fan for the top chamber, the Gelid Tranquilo heatsink/fan, the passively cooled HD5750 video card, both SSD and HDD in the lower chamber, and the CP-850 power supply.

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