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Thermals & Acoustics

Lenovo C315
CPU Temp
HDD Temp
SPL @0.6m
26~27 dBA
x264 Playback
26~27 dBA
CPU Load
30~31 dBA
CPU + GPU Load
30~31 dBA
Ambient temperature: 21°C.

While the C315's relatively poor performance can be forgiven as most PCs aren't really put through many demanding tasks during the course of an average day, there is really no excuse for its poor acoustics. The system idled at a high 26~27 dBA at 0.6m, but most of the noise wasn't caused by fans as is often the case. The machine had a terrible hum caused mainly by, from what we could tell, the Seagate 7200.12 hard drive inside. The system's fan kicked into gear only when the system was on full load; it kept the processor very cool, perhaps overly so.

The C315 idles at 26 [email protected] when the hard drive isn't seeking. Note the ridiculous spike at 120 Hz (~7200 rpm).

We reviewed the 500GB 7200.12 and found it to bethey a fairly loud drive, but the way Lenovo has mounted it inside makes it even louder. There were some other tonal elements to the acoustic profile that contributed to the overall SPL. The drive was also continually seeking during operation though we could not find any system processes responsible. In the brief moments when the seeking stopped, the noise level only dropped down to 26 dBA.


LCD: The display has fairly well-balanced colors, not washed out like many LED-backlit screens found on cheaper laptops. It's crisp, clear, and the glare coming off the surface isn't bad for a glossy model. The viewing angles are good, especially the horizontal — the far side of the screen doesn't begin to darken until you're 45 degrees off center.

Touch: After the initial novelty of the touch screen wore off, we found the feature to be rather pointless. The accuracy isn't great and having to hold your arm up against the screen is tiring. We don't see anyone accustomed to a keyboard and mouse preferring to use touch instead. The one thing it is good for is drawing, but again, fatigue sets in after awhile.

Build Quality: Like most Lenovos, the C315 is well constructed with no obvious weak points. The entire machine feels solid, though this is much less important in a desktop than a laptop.

Webcam: The webcam produces images with average picture quality for a 0.3 megapixel model. It's not too grainy, but it has a low frame rate that results in a lot of blur when movement is involved. On the bright side, its performance in low light is better than average.

Speakers: The 2W speakers are underwhelming, sounding hollow with a tad tinny as small integrated speakers tend to be.

Keyboard & Mouse:

Included keyboard and mouse.

The keyboard is solid with excellent tactile feedback. Our only complaint is the LEDs are actually quite bright. The mouse is reasonably quiet and comfortable but a little on the skinny side.

Remote: The remote control is a typical Windows 7/MCE style unit with excellent range (more than 20 feet), though line of sight with the receiver is required. The receiver interestingly has a second input.

Included remote and infrared receiver.

Pre-installed Software: This time around, there wasn't too much pre-bundled software. A trial version of Office was installed as well as Cyberlink Power2Go and McAfee Security Center. There weren't many Lenovo utilities with the exception of those pertaining to the touch screen feature.

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