Athlon II X4 610e & Phenom II X4 910e: 45W & 65W Quad Cores

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Our iTunes test is simply the encoding of a MP3 file into AAC.

After several split decisions between the X4 955/965 and i5-661/750, the Intel chips finally best their AMD opponents outright.


Our TMPGEnc test consists of encoding an XVID-encoded AVI to VC-1.

Few surprises here except for the i5-661 using a ridiculous 27W less than the i5-750 during encoding.


A similar test to TMPGEnc, only this time encoding to H.264.

This is the only test where the i5-661's lack of 4 proper cores really hurts its performance, falling behind the entire field except for the lowly X4 610e.

Benchmark Power Consumption

Our timed benchmark results multiplied by the average power consumption during each test gives us an estimate of how much total power was used during testing.

As far as total system power is concerned, none of the AMD processors tested today come close to the Core i5-661 and i5-750. The 610e and 910e are about 7 watt-hours behind, and the rest of the field are 11 watt-hours back.

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