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The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p features the same compact enclosure as the M58p, measuring 238 x 275 x 79 mm (9.4 x 10.8 x 3.1").

Oriented vertically using the included stand.

The ports at the front are as follows: 2 x USB, microphone, headphone. The large vent near the power button is also home to an integrated speaker.

The rear ports are as follows: 6 x USB, RJ45, audio in/out, microphone, VGA, DisplayPort (a DisplayPort adapter is extra, not included). The system's only fan is located on the left side. Releasing the plastic tab on the right-hand side allows the case to be opened up like clam without any tools.

Oddly the drives are located at the bottom of the enclosure with the board and processor hanging off the ceiling. The hard drive is mounted using snap-on plastic rails. While the machine is easily serviced, there is no room for expansion except for a single low profile card that installs sideways via a PCI riser slot.

The motherboard appears to be mini-ITX, takes DDR3 SODIMMs and is powered by the Intel Q57 chipset. The CPU cooler is bolted down and connected to the exhaust fan with a duct.

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