AMD Athlon II X3: Affordable Compromise

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PCMark05 is a synthetic benchmark suite with aggregates the results of 11 different system tests including web page rendering, file decryption, video and audio editing, and 3D usage.

PCMark05 favor processors with more cores most, followed by clock speed and cache.

Adobe Photoshop

Our Photoshop test is a variation of Driver Heaven's Photoshop Benchmark V3 using a smaller test image. A variety of filters are applied to the image and the times elapsed are added up.

In applications more dependent on clock speed, the X2s at 3 GHz and higher edge out the competition.


Our NOD32 test is a simple anti-virus scan of a folder with dozens of files including archives. It's one of the most common tasks performed on a PC.

This test also favors high clock speeds so the X2s come out on top once again. Generally the less capable processors completed this task with lower power consumption with the exception of the Athlon II X2s and the X3 440 which noticeably bucked this trend.


Our WinRAR test consists of archiving a RAR file with a large group of files of varying size.

WinRAR is a program that loves cache and clock speed resulting in high marks for the X2s and X3s, even the 705e which runs at a paltry 2.5 GHz. In this test the X3 440/435 and X4 640 are both slower and less power efficient than the rest of the field.

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