HIS HD 5550 & 5570 "Silence" Graphics Cards

Graphics Cards
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HIS HD 5550 Silence 1GB (half-height)

The 1GB version of the HD 5550 Silence is a half-height card, complete with slot brackets for low profile installation. The extra memory is an odd extravagance on a low-end GPU like the 5550 — and on a low profile card to boot.

The HD 5550 Silence 1GB package.

This card is also 16.7 cm long but its heatsink is a much simpler form with smaller fins arrayed in straight columns.

The heatsink wraps around the side of the card onto the top so it doesn't interfere with the slot underneath it.

From the side.

Standard HD 5400/5500 series mounting holes, 43 mm apart.

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