Fortron FSP350-60PN "Aurora" 120mm fan PSU

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August 25, 2003 -- by Mike Chin

Product "Aurora" 350W ATX12V Power Supply
FSP350-60PN / LED Fan / non-PFC
Manufacturer/ Supplier Fortron-Source
Typical Price US$55

Fortron-Source meant for this power supply to be seen. Blue is the LED color of cool in the past year, and blue is the color of LED light that glows over the big 120mm fan in this new ATX12V power supply. In a dimmed room within one of those snazzy windowed cases -- or maybe a transparent acrylic one -- this power supply unit could certainly bring a high level of cool to its owner.

In the light of day, the Fortron-Source PSU still looks unusual for a number of reasons:

- First there is the translucent LED-equipped 120mm fan already mentioned. It is big. It is installed in the only place a fan this size can be in an ATX form factor power supply -- on the side that in a tower case would be facing the CPU.

- Then there is the slivery finish, which is somewhat like aluminum but not quite. In fact, it is nickel-plating, said to be for anti-corrosion, but don't you believe that for a minute! When was the last time you saw rust or oxidation disfiguring your PSU? (And why would you really care?) No, the only function that can really be ascribed to the nickel-plating finish is cosmetic.

- Thirdly, a vast array of hexagonal holes on the outward-facing panel for excellent airflow and a real transparent look.

- Finally, it has a fan speed control knob. This is not that unusual, but not an everyday thing either.

Like many of the other PSU makers, Fortron-Source is getting savvy to the idea of merchandising. The retail box is attractive (more blue!), and makes many statements including:

  • Super Quiet
  • Anti-Corrosive nickel-plated casing
  • Near silent illuminated 12cm fan
  • Variable airflow control for improved system cooling
  • Intel ATX12V Compatible
  • Complete output protection
  • Maximum output of 400W (It's not clear what this refers to.)
  • Meets international safety standards
  • Supports Pentium 4 at 3GHz and AMD XP CPUs

An owner's manual is included, along with a power cord and 4 mounting screws.

One illustration in the manual provides an AMD-approved technical airflow / cooling reason for the 120mm fan configuration of this PSU. A couple of years ago, in one of their guides for system builders, AMD did endorse the concept of a fan on the PSU panel facing the CPU in a tower case for improved cooling. However that document never actually defined the more conventional airflow path as being "undesirable".

Output Specifications

AC Input
120/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
DC Output
Load Regulation
Line Regulation
Min Load (A)
Normal Load (A)
Max Load* (A)
21.2 / 28
25.5 / 30
Max Power
Max Power
350W? (not clearly specified)

*When +3.3V load is 28A, the +5V maximum load is 25.5A. When +3.3V load is 21.2A the +5V maximum load is 30A.

Note that there are several options for the Fortron-Source 120mm fan PSUs. It amounts to 4 variants for each power model for a total of 8 variants. It's not clear whether all 8 variants are available.

no LED

*Power Factor Correction: See explanation in test methodology section.

There are also versions of the 120mm fan Fortron-Source PSU without a manual fan speed control knob. Potentially, that adds another 8 variants to the product mix.

Discussions in the SPCR PSU Forum about these Fortron-Source 120mm fan PSUs have suggested that the variants with PFC are equipped with a more aggressive fan speed control circuit that boosts the fan speed at lower temperature than the non-PFC variants, making the PFC equipped models noisier than the non-PFC models. This cannot be confirmed without further testing and comparison against a non-PFC version of the same power rating.

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