Scythe Ninja 3 & Scythe Yasya CPU Heatsinks

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Scythe Ninja 3: Physical Details & Installation

The Ninja 3 is composed of 8 copper heatpipes (for 16 heatpipe paths through the fins) and a stack of 38 aluminum fins. According to our measurements, it weighs 880 grams, 1010 grams with the stock fan and clips installed, and has a height of 159 mm. For reference, the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme is 162 mm tall.

The basic structure of the Ninja remains the same, though the heatpipe orientation is slightly different. The two center heatpipes run close to the center of the fin mass, while the other two heatpipes are closer to the exterior.

The top of the heatsink is rather fanciful with decorative artwork. The 'X' shaped incision reduces resistance to airflow.

The base has a nice polish on it though some circular machine marks are visible.

For Intel boards standoffs are inserted into the appropriate holes on the mounting arms and secured into place by nuts.

Bolts are inserted through the backplate on the other side and secured to the standoffs. Aligning the holes while simultaneously holding up the bottom of the board is difficult so we suggest propping up the board with a box or something similar in height to the heatsink.

The clearance underneath the heatsink is 43 mm, more than enough to clear the Northbridge and VRM heatsinks on our test motherboard.

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