Scythe Ninja 3 & Scythe Yasya CPU Heatsinks

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Scythe Yasya: Physical Details & Installation

The Yasya is composed of 6 copper heatpipes (for 12 heatpipe paths through the fins) and a stack of 54 aluminum fins. According to our measurements, it weighs 760 grams, 890 grams with the stock fan and clips installed, and has a height of 158 mm. For reference, the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme is 162 mm tall.

The angle of the jagged edges vary in sets of 4 making the surface nonuniform. As a result it is easy to cut oneself when holding it on the pointy sides.

Like many tower heatsinks, the heatpipes are staggered in groups of three.

The base is slightly duller than that of the Ninja 3, but there aren't any noticeable markings on the surface.

The Yasya uses the same clip-on mounts found on many of Scythe's smaller heatsinks. They're not the best for ensuring a tight bond with the processor, but they're literally a snap to get on.

Installed on our test board. The bottom fin is 40 mm above the PCB surface.

The mounting clips attach on the wide side of the Yasya so the cooler's fan will blow upward when installed on an AMD motherboard. This will heat up a top-mounted power supply and may prevent the use of RAM with tall heatspreaders in the closest two slots.

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