Scythe Ninja 3 & Scythe Yasya CPU Heatsinks

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A flat contact area between the heatsink and CPU heatspreader is ideal for heat transfer. The copper heatspreader that covers a modern desktop CPU die often has a slightly concave shape; that is, the center is slightly lower and the surface gradually curves upwards toward the edges. Heatsink manufacturers can either make their bases flat, slightly convex to match the concave surface of the processor.

A Czech tech website, found that their Ninja 3 sample had a rather poor base. We replicated their observations by placing a visibly straight metal ruler against the base of the Ninja 3 and several other heatsinks with a bright light source in the background to see how much light leaked through.

On the Ninja 3, light was visible along the entire surface except at the far edges. The base is concave with a shallow but noticeable crater effect. Most coolers have bases that are almost flat or contoured slightly in the opposite direction. When the ruler was placed on the Yasya's base, more light was visible at the edges, and the ruler could rock up and down slightly with the center as a pivot point.

The original Ninja, Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme, and Prolimatech Mega Shadow (Megahalems) have clearly convex surfaces as well.

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