Seasonic X-400 Fanless PSU

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The first glance when the PSU is removed from its soft pouch shows two distinct things:

  1. The casing is completely vented, with hex holes on top that are bigger than the ones used for the back panel exhaust. It's basically an expansion of the intake fan grill used on fan-equipped Seasonics.
  2. A big notice tells to "install with the ventilation top cover facing UP". This is the side where the 120mm fan is mounted on the higher power X-series models; it's normal for the PCB to be on the top side of the PSU, with components hanging down from it. So Seasonic means for the X-400 to be mounted turned over, 180° from the norm. Note that there are enough tapped mounting screw holes so that the PSU can be mounted either way, so if you disagree with Seasonic's advice for your PC setup (and there are so many different types of cases that use ATX PSUs these days), you can try it the other way without any hacking.

This worthy of further discussion, later.

One other observation is that the X-400 is a complete departure from the norm in that it's a lightweight, only a little over 3.5 lbs without cables. This is in stark contrast to every other fanless ATX PSU reviewed in the past eight years — they have been very heavy, easily 5~6 lbs on average, with massive amounts of extruded aluminum, some of which is used for the casing.

The side which holds the fan in higher power X models has the same basic grill, expanded across most of its area, and a notice calling for the unit to be installed that side up.

The modular cables are nicely finished.

Output Cables

1 - ATX connector 20+4 pin (600mm)
1 - CPU connector 4/8-pin (600mm)
1 - PCIe 6/8-pin (600mm)
1 - three SATA connectors (750mm)
1 - two SATA connectors (480mm)
1 - three 4-pin peripheral connectors (750mm)
1 - two 4-pin peripheral connectors (480mm)
1 - two floppy drive connectors on Y adapter (150mm)

Like other X-series models, the X-400 casing is a departure from the normal dual C-shaped clamshell. The metal is thicker and is fitted together tightly with great precision — though Seasonics have always been excellent in this regard. The black and gold color scheme continues in the paint job and labels. The X-400 Fanless exudes quality in every way.

It's well ventilated on almost every side...

...even the normally unvented "bottom". The same smart-keyed output connector scheme is used as in the X-650, but fewer of them, reflecting the X-400's lower output rating.

The label is in several languages and boasts a myriad of safety approvals.

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