Silverstone Sugo SG07: The Ultimate Mini-ITX Case?

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Silverstone Sugo SG07:

August 23, 2010 by Lawrence Lee

Silverstone Sugo SG07-B
Mini-ITX Case
Street Price

Modern cube/box style cases like the Silverstone Sugo series owe their basic design to the popular Shuttle PCs, the first line of SFF machines with the power of mainstream desktops. For a time they were the only game in town despite their problems. Though they were hampered by loud FlexATX power supplies and proprietary motherboards that were expensive to replace, Shuttle barebones systems continued to be popular because there were no other options. Today the climate of SFF computing is much different. Thanks to the rising popularity of the mini-ITX form factor, builders have plenty of options for customizing and building their own mini-PCs. The hard part is choosing components that result in the desired balance of size, performance, cooling, and noise.

The box.

The newest member of the Sugo family pushes the boundaries of what a mini-ITX system can be, emphasizing performance over form. 3 inches deeper than its well-received predecessors, the SG05/06, the SG07 is something many enthusiasts have been waiting for: a mini-ITX case big enough to house the fastest, hottest graphics cards on the market. Of course to drive a high-end GPU, a beefy power supply is required, such as the 600W 80 PLUS Bronze ATX unit Silverstone has managed to cram into it. What's more the SG07 has the best CPU heatsink clearance we've seen in a mainstream mini-ITX case, and a simple but potent cooling scheme courtesy of a gigantic 18 cm fan blowing straight down on the processor and motherboard the out sides. This creates a positive pressure situation, something for which Silverstone has somewhat of a fetish.

The SG07 and provided accessories.

The case ships with a manual, a small bag of screws, a power cable, a pair of strap-ties, and a pair of odd items: a foam disc and plastic cutout. The two together are used to form a duct for the graphics card fan. The plastic frame secures to the side panel and the foam ring adheres to it forming a shallow tunnel between the VGA fan and the outside of the case. This duct is only about 1 cm wide though, so we don't imagine it's particularly effective.

Case Specifications (from the product web page)
Power Supply Specifications (from the product web page)

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